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Huzzah ESP32 WiFi Module - Why not make it the Microoprocessor

I know you have the Huzzah ESP32 WiFi Module piggy back the main module. That could very well be product evolution and its perfectly understandable.

I am sure you are already aware that the Huzzah ESP32 WiFi Module in itself has all the capabilities that the Arduino has. This makes the Huzzah ESP32 WiFi Module resource redundant.

Is there any plans to have a main module based on the Huzzah ESP32 WiFi Module that basically makes it Wifi/BT ready from the start?


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It is important to keep the safety controller as light and stable as possible. We plan to keep the safety controller separate from the non safety critical tasks such as network communications, services, timers and user interface. The code on the ESP32 is much more complex and far less stable than the safety code running on the OpenEVSE module. 

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