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OpenEVSE_PLUS_v5_sch.pdf - Logic around Pilot Read with resistors R5,6 and 7

Pardon my ignorance in electronics and point me to a resource where I can find the answer if this question is utterly low ball for this forum.

I know that the Pilot has 5 possible voltage states. 12,9,6,3 and -12 (diode check model). I know that  resistors R5,6 and 7 handle a < 5V to the ADC1 pin on the Arduino. 

Without an actual test set in place and purely napkin stats I am trying to figure out what voltages should be expected @ the ADC1 pin.

Using simple voltage divider logic and ignoring R5, the voltages I should expect are approx 9,7,5, 2 and 0 @ ACD1. But these are still high for ACD1 and R5 has a role to play.

With R5 in play, what are my voltages? Ideally how do I place R5 into the divider formula so that I can handle future projects with this circuitry.



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Here is a link to the "Theory of Operations" 

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