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J1772 Cable - Pilot Proximity wire - Really required?

I am just curious why your design even bothers with the Pilot Proximity in the controller and cable. Todays EVE cable standards call for basically 3 power + 1 control wire cable. My Hyundai charger has a EVE cable with 3 + 1. "Proximity" is basically built within the plug and is a "wake up" mechanism for the EV rather than the chargers.

I can envision the Proximity wire being used in a commercial setting where you would want to know if the EV was connected and using a parking spot and keep charging the consumer in a hope they move the car for the next party to park and charge.  But fail to see any benefit for a non-commercial setting, specially with the extra wire adding to cable cost, bulk, weight and not providing any significant ROI in return.

Is proximity just a legacy component that stayed with the design and was never reviewed? 


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Al you are confusing proximity with proximity pilot (PP). 

Proximity pilot is used in the IEC standards to identify the ampacity capabilities of removable cables. For example a 32A Type 2 cable has a 220 ohm resistor between PP and Earth, the vehicle and station read this value and limit current if needed.

Proximity is the button/resistors at the end of the cable between the handle and EV, there is no use for this in the charging station.

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