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OpenEVSE v5 - Universal EVSE Controller Design - Are subcomponents replaceable

Is the power supply or any other component on the OpenEVSE v5 - Universal EVSE Controller replaceable. Like I don't see a power supply on it own in components.  If say the power supply blows outside of warranty, am I stuck with $79 cost of replacement? 


All parts on the controller are soldered on. Any replacement requires soldering. If you have the skills necessary to do board level repair, we can provide the parts. 

We do not offer a repair service, so to answer your question...For those without the skills to solder the whole controller module would need to be replaced in your power supply failure scenario.

By the way, the MTBF for the power supply is 330.000 hours, so a station running 24 hours a day 365 days a year would need a replacement in on average in 37 years and 244 days. Here is the datasheet

So if my power supply does go out and I get 1 from you for $25 + shipping, I would have to do the swap out by unsoldering and soldering. Or do I send in the module and you guys sap it out for $25 + shipping?

The basic question was cost of ownership in the $79 module. Are there consumer replaceable parts on the module. Is the power supply consumer replaceable.    

The power supply module is soldered to the controller. The OpenEVSE controller uses the same microprocessor chip as the Arduino Uno the Atmel 328p but the similarities en there.

So the power module is a plug off/on shield type of module that fits in the controller module? Design spin off from the UNO unit?

The power module can be replaced. If you need a power supply contact OpenEVSE support at We can provide the supply module for $25 plus shipping.

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