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OpenEVSE WiFi Kit - Will an alternate source work?

I just googled Huzzah Wifi and saw a visually similar module @ Adafruit that was 1/3 the price.

The OpenEVSE parts page mentions to use the OpenEVSE firmware. So the question is that if I get the part from Adafruit will the firmware work.

The parts look so similar, its tempting :)



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Hi Al,

The module is the same, however you will also need a UBEC power supply, custom harness, a FTDI USB serial programmer and you will need to load the firmware yourself. Support would be through Adafruit, which may not have too much knowledge about OpenEVSE.

If purchased through OpenEVSE, the module, power supply and harness are all included, plus the latest firmware is pre-loaded. Support would be provided by OpenEVSE through phone or Email.

Here is what you need from Adafruit: ESP32 Huzzah $13.50 UBEC $9.95 FTDI USB $17.95

Not avaliable from Adafruit 6 pin dupont connectors x2

Not avaliable from Adafruit 6" male to male x2

Total about $45

The current price on OpenEVSE is 29.99, so while it is possible to put together your own package it will likely cost more and could be a real headache if you are not proficient in loading firmware on the ESP module.


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