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physical security

So, not everyone has an indoor garage where they install their EVSE :-)  Wish I did!  Mine is in a carport, and in theory some person with sufficient chutzpah could stop by and top up their EV all unbeknownst to me, while I was out driving around.  I could leave the unit Paused, but the front panel button is sitting right there... Alternatively, some person with malicious intent, or curious teenager, could screw up my settings by poking around in the menus.

In the short term, I'm building a nice little wooden cupboard/enclosure (with mesh ventilation panels to keep bugs out, and painted white to keep the late sun off the transparent plastic face plate).  I could put a lock on the door.  

But it would be nice if the front panel button could be disabled via web UI, and there was something -- a physical keyfob, maybe -- that could be used to unlock it again on the rare occasions when it's needed.  I'd like to make that front panel button inaccessible, so no one can tamper with my settings or turn the device on when I left it off.  

of course if I am gone for a long time, I can just throw the 60a breaker at the house panel (that is indoors).  but then I have to reboot every time I want to use the device.  wouldn't want to do that every day.  might not be good for the unit, frequent power-cycling.

anyway, has there been any thought about physical security when the unit is installed outdoors?

one really nifty possibility would be to detect the presence of the car (my Bolt joins the household wifi network when in the carport) and only enable the unit when that particular car is there!  with an override in the http interface, of course, for when I want to be generous and let a friend charge up at my place.

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The button interface works directly with the controller. WiFi is not required for the button to operate (not all stations have WiFi), it is not currently possible to disable with software.

For outdoor installations we recommend physically unplugging the button. It is unnecessary if you use the WiFi portal.

A easy way to secure stations from a stop by top off thief (is this really a thing?) is to set a start and stop charge timer for times you normally charge.

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