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Minimum firmware version to use PV divert?


I'm trying to get PV divert to work, but my first session simply charged at full amps.

I'm running:

Wifi Firmware: 2.8.2
EVSE Firmware: 3.11.3
EVSE Protocol: 1.0.3

I have setup MQTT in the services tab with the "Grid (+I/-E)" option to my broker and verified the topic is correct, it says 'Connected: Yes'

Under the main tab, Charge Mode is set to "Eco (PV divert)", and status looks good.

For example: 'Grid Import/Export: -2915W - 3s | Charge rate: 11A'.

However, EVSE LCD still displays 40A, and RAPI $GE still returns 40.

Is there an incompatibility/limitation with the firmware combinations?

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Note upgrading evse firmware to 5.0.1 fixes it so there is obviously some incompatibility with older combinations. 

However, with 5.0.1/2.8.2 the Charge Mode setting reverts to "Normal (max)" every time the vehicle is unplugged.  That seems odd to have to change the setting back manually after each charge.  Is that intentional?

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