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Are there still discount codes floating around?

I'd love to get into OpenEVSE.  Looking at older forum messages, it looked like some folks had referral and/or discount codes. Are those still available? Anyone able to throw me a referral code or discount code?  

Much appreciation!  Excited to possibly join the OpenEVSE family!

Black Friday sale is today. I see an amazing deal for the 40A version of the Advanced Series Charging Station - way cheaper today than even the kit bundle plus AC mains cord was before today’s sale.

Thank you Craig. 

Just in time for Black Friday, we also have a new 48A bundle that includes the input cord. It is a NEMA 14 - XX, which means there in no Neutral pin, so it can plug into a NEMA 14-60, 14-50 or 14-30 without any adapters.

Everything is on Sale. The Best Deals are:

48A kit  Bundle with free NEMA 14 - XX input

40A Station

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