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OpenEVSE connection to stopped

My EVSE has been sending data to for a couple years and it stopped on/about 27 Aug. The write API key is different than the one I'd recorded and I can't get it to connect now. 

I also have an open energy monitor to measure a few circuits in the house and they stopped recording energy data (but the power readout was working). That now appears to be fixed.

Weirdly, the web interface had the Emoncms service disabled?! I hadn't changed anything in months. It's always been configured for Node 0, while the EmonTX is configured for Node 1.

I updated to the latest ESP firmware (2.8.1). The EVSE is on FW 3.11.3.

Thanks for any help.

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A number of us have been having trouble since about August 26/27. No data feeding from our OpenEVSE units to My inputs show no data and feeds show as inactive.

We had to take this issue all the way to the top, Trystan from OpenEnergyMonitor took a look at out server and fixed a bug in EmonCMS. 

Please check your inputs and dashboards now, they should be working as expected.

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One of my three inputs turned green, and two of my 3 feeds turned green. I just plugged in the unit that still has a red feed and it still isn't working. It says Connected: No. I pasted the write API key back in just to be sure. Not sure what other steps to take at this point. At least one of them seems to fixed, I'll have to try when I'm at that location.

Thanks, all appears to be working now. Incidentally, I wasn't able to post a reply to this thread from Chrome 76 or Safari on macOS 10.14.6. (Using Chrome on Windows now.)

Edit to the above: The new feeds are working and the old ones are inactive. I had reinitialized the device yesterday while troubleshooting.

Looks like I'll need to reconfigure my dashboard and app.

Just FYI to everyone on this thread, everything should be working again (per another thread).  If you haven't made any changes you should be good.  I was playing with mine and had to reset the write key on one of my devices to the "device key" in the input.  Also the new version has different feed names (maybe a bit more clear now) so if you end up re-initializing the feed names won't match your dashboards.  But I have everything up and running working well again.

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