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Tesla Charge port opening and plug unlock

I see a company in Belgium is offering a kit to add wireless opening of the Tesla charge port, and through control signals to unlock the cable. I understand the charge port unlock needs a wireless signal added to the plug, but could the unlock cable signal be added as a charger firmware feature? (which seems to be a pilot type message). So you hit a button on the charger, and this tells the car (a Tesla) to unlock the plug at the car? You could just buy this kit, they also sell a kit with a plug and button and a readymade cable with 2 plugs. Note this set up is generally for European Tesla drivers who do not have a Tesla branded home charger. European plugs are different to USA sold cars. There is a video on this link:

Update. I came across this device today. It seems to offer the " open car charging port" feature and is stand alone device. I am not sure how pilot signal works with this but might solve issue for some people
More info on wireless remote here also with DIY info: Open the full readme for detailed info
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