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Do I need to connect the PP line?

I have just built the kit and I plan to take the output to a type 2 Mennekes connector mounted on a post about 25 metres away.  The single phase wiring diagrams only show four connections - live, neutral, earth and the Control Pilot - and not the PP line.  Why is the PP not needed?  

If the PP at the connector is not to be connected to the EVSE, how should it be wired in the back of the type 2 socket?  What will happen if it is left open?

I am in the UK if this makes any difference.

I will be using a type 2 to type 1 cable to charge my Leaf.
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PP signal is proximity pin, also known as plug present. It need to get EV information when socket connected with plug. From J1772 description, it operates with resistanses and button-switch, which are built-in to connector and provide PP-to-EARTH voltage drop for EV side. For a simple, there should be installed two serial connected resistors 150 Ohm and than 330 Ohm from PP to EARTH pin. 330 Ohm should be shunted with switch on connector. You can try that, and it will works. If you left it open, it will not.

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