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RAPI Sleep not working

Hello all, I'm trying to send some commands to the OpenEVSE via RAPI (happens in all methods, MQTT, HTTP and GUI RAPI). When I send the command $FS (to pause the charging), the system goes into sleep and returns to changing immediately after. If I press sleep in the web gui button or in the physic button, the system goes into sleep. I send the MQTT topic openevse/rapi/in/$FS or the http:<myip>/r?rapi=%24FS

Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?


Firmware: 5.0.1

Protocol: 4.0.1

OpenEVSE WiFi 

Firmware: 2.8.0


Thank You

Ok, I fund the problem, if I set a timer, I'm not able to override with the RAPI. I would like to keep the timer, but send commands to override it when I need to! Not Possible?

Thank You

Same issue here after upgrading to 5.0.1 to fix incorrect total kWhr (off by a factor of 100). This was not the previous behavior. To replicate: Set a charging schedule (mine is 22:05-5:55) Outside the schedule, physical button, mqtt, Rapi, etc will only switch out of sleep for about .25 seconds and then the unit goes back to sleep. If you watch mqtt /openevse/status changes from 254 (sleep) to 1 (on) and then right back to 254. With the previous FW you could manually leave sleep mode with button, RAPI, etc. This is the preferred behavior as it’s sometimes necessary to manually leave sleep.
If you send the F1 command it will work, if the car is connected! F1 will replicate the button
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