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Front panel settings lock

The only other feature I'm surprised OpenEVSE doesn't have is a front panel settings lock. This could for example be a three-way radio button on the web interface, switching between:-

Normal operation (front panel button allows wakeup/sleep/setup)
Setup disabled (front panel button allows wakeup/sleep only)
Button disabled (front panel button does nothing, all control is via web interface/RAPI)

This would be useful to stop people tampering with charge rates, etc. on OpenEVSEs which are either open to the public or accessible to passers by, without requiring a keyswitch to lock out (or replace) the button.

The button is currently controlled through an IO expander via the display. The controller has limited memory, a feature like this would take up too much resources. We are planning to move the button and all user interface features to the WiFi controller where we can implement do more. The best way to disable the button is to unplug it. If you use WiFi it is likely the physical button is never used.

In my case the button is used if I need to charge during the day. Normally it kicks in at 1:30am when the electricity is on an off-peak tariff, but if I need a boost in the daytime I'll use the button to wake it up. Mine's out of sight on the side of the garage, but I expect others are a bit more prominent.

It's already a damned good EVSE, it'll be interesting to see what you guys come up with next.

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I'm using Smart mode of EmonCMS DemandShaper to schedule charging (usually) during night time cheaper hours. DemandShaper essentially controls the timer on the OpenEVSE. However, I'd also like to use button to start charging immediately - nothing else, so "Setup Disabled" would be very useful option.

Jussi. That feature is already the normal behavior. When the station is sleeping just tap the button to override the timer.

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