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OpenEVSE Schematic pdf?

Hi I tried opening the latest pcb project on kicad to look at the schematic and I got the following error.

I also tried to upload the schematic file to an online viewer and it didnt reconigze it either.

Any have this working on KiCad?

also if some one can show me a link to the schematic pdf that would be helpfull aswell thanks.


ps.  anyone have an update to openevse contact # I tried the number fromt he website for about a week and no anwser :/

The SCH files are for Autodesk Eagle, they will not open in KiCAD.

The number is correct, OpenEVSE management is currently in Asia. The office is only open on demand for the next few days.


When will the sales and support be back to normal hours.  Thanks.
Hope your enjoying your Asia trip.


The office will be resume operating normal hours on the Monday August 19th. There will personal on site as needed between now and then.

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