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OpenEVSE loadbalancing


I'm currently investigating to build my own charging point for my EV at home.

I live in the Netherlands, and in euro we tend to use multiple phases with less amps Vs 1 phase with a lot of amps.

I currently see that i have 2 options, one is OpenEVSE (duh) and the other is SmartEVSE.

I really like OpenEVSE as it looks a lot more open and better to integrate, but my main concern is Loadbalancing.

As my home has 3x25A I can easily blow a fuse if other equipment is also turned on at home. SmartEVSE has a loadbalancing feature by measuring the mains power consumption. (through CT sensors)

Is there a load balancing feature in OpenEVSE?

i did see a post on the blog that was explaining about balancing between multiple OpenEVSE points, but not something to balance the mains power.

Or is it currently only possible to do this by manually adjusting the charging power through MQTT? I'm a bit afraid what happens if this system fails or has a hickup....

any help or ideas are greatly appreciated! 


OpenEVSE does not have a three-phase load tracking scheme, only one. The easiest option is to limit the charging current in the controller settings. This should protect the network from overload. As it seems to me, an electric car with three-phase charging will try to pull approximately equal power from each phase.


How about 1 phase tracking?

can this be used with the eco mode?

Hi, I think so.


Try to just set the minimum mode to 6A and start charging. If it works, then the electric car should not pull more power. If everything is ok, set the normal power of charging, which is designed for your electrical network in the house.

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