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2015 egolf and delayed charging issues

I've learned of an issue with setting up a delayed charge for my 2015 egolf.  For those not familiar, up until 2015 VW put all charge controls in the car accessed through a paid subscription to Carnet.  Since I don't want to use that I'd like to use the delayed charge options on my openEVSE.  But here's where the trouble starts.  If I setup the EVSE to start charging at 11pm the egolf will "go to sleep" before that time arrives and will not "wake up" to charge at 11pm when the EVSE gives power.  I did find an old forum post at which I've attached a screenshot of.  This is/was a known issue, and this appears to be the fix, but I'm not sure if I already have this in my new openEVSE (version 2.7.8) or if I need to alter the code somehow.    Any other 2015 and older egolf owners out there who have fixed this? 


Is it still topical?

The latest firmware version in this function uses the following code:


void J1772EVSEController::Enable()
  if ((m_EvseState == EVSE_STATE_DISABLED)||
      (m_EvseState == EVSE_STATE_SLEEPING)) {
    if (m_EvseState == EVSE_STATE_SLEEPING) {
#if defined(TIME_LIMIT) || defined(CHARGE_LIMIT)
#endif //defined(TIME_LIMIT) || defined(CHARGE_LIMIT)
    m_PrevEvseState = EVSE_STATE_DISABLED;
    m_EvseState = EVSE_STATE_UNKNOWN;


This is firmware version 5.0.1. When you run OpenEVSE, the current version will be visible.

I am running version 5.0.1.

I do not understand coding, but when I look at the code you posted and compare it to the known fix shown in the screen shot from my post above there are differences.  In any case since presumably I'm running the code you posted I can say that it does not wake up my 2015 egolf to start charging.

On the screenshot you can see that OpenEVSE makes two attempts to change the voltage on the pilot (-12V and +12), after that the Golf must respond to this and wake up.


I made changes to the code of the latest OpenEVSE firmware (5.0.1).

The modified firmware in the archive.


You need to update the firmware on your controller, for this you need a programmer (for example USBasp.) Guide for updating the firmware:     There are two folders in the archive: open_evse-5.0.1 -> source code, you do not need it; Load -> there are all the necessary files to update.


excellent!  I will explore this and post if I have trouble, which is likely!  But it's never too late to learn, right?

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OK, I've got a couple friends who have experience with arduino, and may even have the programmer, but if not I'll just buy one.  So I think the only question I have before I call over the calvary is the file attached above (the .rar one)  Is that the HEX file I need?  Or do I need to go someplace else to get it?  Or do I have to "make" it myself?  I was just a little confused by the very last part of your message.  Thanks so much!

Everything you need is in this archive :) There is a folder “Load” in the archive. There are three files in this folder: eeprom_24.bin, flash.bat, open_evse.hex. You need only these three files. open_evse.hex is the firmware itself. Transfer the “Load” folder from the archive to the desktop, connect the programmer to the OpenEVSE controller and to the computer. Then double-click on flash.bat, and the firmware should be downloaded to the controller. In the command line that opens, you will see everything, the process takes 15-20 seconds. If the problem occurs during the firmware, it will be visible on the command line.

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