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Upgrading OpenEVSE from standard to Advanced

Unfortunately I just bought a standard kit and should have opted for the advanced one.

I see the wifi board and the CT current options in the store, what else is required to make this unit function as an advanced?  I dont see any other parts required beides the LCD, WIFI board and CT to make it an "advanced" one

I'd like to get timers, and L1 ( 110) support as the advanced has.  

What  else is required to make this standard unit an fully functional advanced?

I've to not problem installing the extra parts, so labor isn't the issue.

I guess my other option since I just got it is to return it and upgrade to the advanced and pay the difference.

You will need the WiFi Module and CT. Plus, if you want L1 Support you need the Struthers and Dunn Relay and Wiring Harness. Your cables will also need to be terminated with Ring Terminals instead of Ferrules.

The Color LCD upgrade was already included in the Standard Kit.

Thank you for the info.  

I've ordered the updated parts as you suggested plus the ring terminals from digikey as suggested in another post.

Anything from a software standpoint I need to do when adding WIFI or the other board controlled relay?

Just looking for basic steps from a software point or menu settings to get

1) L1 working

2) WIFI working

3) The rest of "Advanced" based features such as power measurement and Start/Stop Timers

You do not need to do anything on the software side, it will all work once it is connected.

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