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Getting Diode check error and Vent Required

I sent a support ticket in too.

However, if anyone has ideas, please let me know.

J1772 was plugged into car and I got GFI errors. Then unplugged it from car and then got diode check errors and vent required message. Tried disabling those checks and then noticed sparking on the wires entering my J1772 plug. The cable had got damaged due to ice/snow/rain and lack of an adequately long enough strain relief. Flipped the breaker and removed the OpenEVSE and repaired the burnt wires/cables (soldered them at work and covered with heat-shrink tubing and electrical tape). Plugged OpenEVSE back in and it booted fine but then I restored the diode error and vent check options and now I'm getting those errors again, without plugging into the car. I opened up the OpenEVSE and don't see any damage inside.

Any ideas?

Thx, ...Roger

We would recommend checking the DC/DC power supply and the pilot OPAmp circuits for damage. The DC/DC should be outputting -12v and +12v DC.


ok, I'll check those voltages out Chris.


Ok where can I find schematics to probe signals? I found one picture but it doesn’t show 12V or -12V outputs. Also DC power supply mentions 5V and 12V supply outputs but nothing about a -12V supply. Anyway I did find 12V on one pin on a blue screw strip on the main board and I found 12.9V on a pin on the display/processor board. 5V supplies to the 8 pin ICs seem fine too. Only have a DVM at home but could borrow a scope from work. Will pilot square wave be active even after diode check fails? Roger

Schematics are located here. 

Did you figure it out?

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