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No update of data on Display

Hi Chris,

I am using the OpenEVSE v5.

After assembling the OpenEVSE v5, I did the following step.

1) Connected supply connection.

2) Connected Display connections.

3) Made ground connections.

4) In setting, I enabled the GFCI test to enable.

Following are thing observed on display when supply is connected.

1) Ready L1:15A, 0wh, 0kwh.

2) once Diode and 2.74k are connected, the display show CONNECTED 0wh, 0 Kwh.

3) Once Diode and 882 ohms are connected Display shows CHARGING 0A, OWH, 0 KWH.

4) Once diode and 274 ohms is connected Display shows EVSE ERROR, VENT REQUIRED.

The problem is even after placing the charging on for 30 mins display reads CHARGING ON  0AMPS, 0WH, 0 KWH.

Can you help me in solving this with necessary tips?

Please find below the videos and pics for reference.



Hi Chris,

Video and Pic attached FYI.




Hi Chris,

I am able to get the output and supply the power to the charger.



Hi Inran,

Are you using an Advanced station or kit with the optional current measurement coil? 

Here is what the coil looks like:


From the videos, it appears you do not have a current measurement coil. 

The coil you have installed is the GFI coil, it measures current out compared to current in for safety.

If you wish to measure current in Amps and Power in watts, you need a second coil that only 1 power wire passes through.

Hi Chris,

Yes, I have not connected the Current measurement coil.

I connection diagram only GFCI coil is mentioned.

No details of the current measurement coil is specified.

Please confirm that current measurement coil shall come at the output of the relay?



Correct, the Current measurement coil is connected to the output of the relay on only one hot line. Here is a photo from our build guide.

Thanks Chris,

This will help.



Hi Chris, I have a question about the coil for power measurement : Which wire pass through it ?

On the guide , Neutral pass through the coil but on previous topic photo, Line seems passt through.

Either Neutral OR Line is fine just not BOTH. 

Thank you Chris

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