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OpenEVSE Emoncms always shows "Connected:No"

I upgraded my V.4 firmware to 5.01 and added WiFi. I successfully set WiFi up and can access the OpenEVSE webserver on my local net at its assigned IP or by DNS at http://openevse/. I then set up an account at, set the Node to 0, and entered the Emoncms read/write api key as listed in my Emoncms account.

I set up a new Device in Emoncms at Node:0 and type:OpenEVSE, which generated a different device access key. From elsewhere on this forum it seemed I needed to use the R/W key from my account page or as shown on the Devices Help page. However, the key in the Devices list is the one that works.

Same issue for me too

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Same here

Thank you for sharing this information. I had exactly this issue, trying to get OpenEVSE connected to EMONCMS. 

I shared the link to your post and here is the issue it helped resolve.

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