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Display light On (sleep mode) but Off when charging. Why?

Hi folks, why my light display turn off when the charging station begin to charge?

When the charging station is in sleep mode (timer). the light is ON.

Is it possible to stay light ON all the time?


(Board V4 with old display, WI-FI option and timer addon) The latest firmware for both.

You likely need to choose the correct display type.  Enter the menu by pressing and holding the button. Change the display type (Color, Monochrome) to match the display you have.


Ho yes, thanks, all is ok now. Monocrome for me.

Hi, I updated my board V4 to the last one 7.1.3, Now I can enter in the menu with the button yet but I have only one settings, the others disappear. The back light turn off again when the charger work.

Have you a solution for this?


The latest version 7.1.3 has a limited button menu. Options should be configured in WiFi.

To set your LCD back to Monochrome.

Login to WiFi

Click System Tab

Enable Developer Mode

Click RAPI Tab

Enter Command $S0 0 

Sorry, I didn't see the RAPI Set Commands.

Thanks agains.

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