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Openevse v5 kit and nissan leaf 2018 tekna


new hére to this forum..

have V5 kit and L2 connection (Belgium 2 phase 230vac)

everything works, charging ok but after charge,the openevse comes back  into conected state, my car the new nissan leaf 2018 as an EV error into Charger B29A0 (port engage err) ad into EV/HEV P31A8 (Connector lock relay)

Also strange, when putting in chargeplug only, no power on, no locking into leaf happend, which does with the original nissan granny charger also no power on it.

Into the chargeplug type 2 i connected N L1 Gnd and pilot..... I left the PP pin open.....

please help

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You need the resistor in the plug from PP to ground so the vehicle can detect the cable.


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