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Display not working

I have a model P50S that I bought two years ago. Yesterday, while it was charging my wife's vehicle, I went out into the garage (where it is installed) and smelled a slight smell of burned electronics. THe car was still charging though. However, the display on the EVSE didn't show anything. I unplugged it from the 240V outlet for an hour (since I was leaving the house), and plugged it back in when I got back. I didn't notice any burning smell again, and the car did charge fine, but the display still doesn't show anything.

My wife says that she thinks it actually hasn't been showing anything on the display for a couple of days now, but I'm not sure (my car has enough range that I only charge every 3-5 days). 

Any thoughts on what may have happened? I'm planning on opening it up today to see if there is anything obviously fried, or a blown fuse.



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