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Current transformer

 Hi All,

I have just, as from two minutes ago completed my EVSE and it is charging my Volt at 16A just fine. At the moment I do not have the current measurement transformer installed
(forgot to order) so no kwH or current being shown on the LCD.

My question is, I have another CFCI coil, can I use one those to measure current as well? Or will it measure current incorrectly, has anyone tried?

Is there another Forum that is more active?

The GFCI coil will measure differently.

I just had my current measurement fail. It just read zero. But everything worked except for this. It was consistently failed for days and for multiple car charges. I took the lid off for trouble shooting, disconnected the ct from the board and measured 30 ohms. Plugged it back in and put it all back together. Powered up and everything works again. Either it was a bad connection or it just needed a reboot. But CTs make whatever voltage is needed to make it's current so I was thinking a bad connection would have some visual sign which it didn't. Has anyone had this problem? John
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