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Blown fuse

I built this EVSE as a kit at a workshop in SF east bay around 6-7 years ago.  I used it to charge my converted EV for years. Just bought a Chevy Bolt and plugged it in for the first time yesterday.  It charged for around 1 hour, then I went out and saw "Charging Interrupted" on the DIC, and no power to the Open EVSE. I found one of the 30A fuses in the EVSE was blown. Replaced it, but the unit does not power up. I measure 242VAC at the input terminals to the DC power supply. Any ideas on what is wrong?  Thanks, Tom

Found I didn't have the LCD re-connected properly - only 3 pins contacting (unplugged it to remove front cover). Unit is now working and charging the Bolt. Still a concern that it blew a fuse. Will see if it happens again.

Glad you figured it out. What current are you charging the BOLT? With 30A fuses you should not charge any higher than 24A Continuous.


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