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solar charging by means of power manager

Hello all,

In my country (the Netherlands) we nowadays are having a system where you can supply PV-power to the grid and take power from the grid for the same rates (it is called : "salderingsregeling").

However this system will come to an end in a few years. 

From then on, you will be paying about € 0,20/kWh for what you will be using from the grid and you will be getting payed around € 0,06 for power you are supplying to the grid. 

So it is becoming more important to use a maximum of the produced solar power directly (so whithout using the grid as temporary "storage").

We have a net zero energy house. See: (in Dutch).

This is including heat pump for heating and DHW and the consumption of two electric cars, being a BMW-i3 and VW-E-Up.

I want to build a power management system by means of a PLC, with following inputs:

  • consumed power i3
  • consumed power E-up
  • consumed power rest of the house (appliances, heat-pump, lighting, etc.)
  • produced PV-power

and an output (0-10V) to be used for 

  • controlling the charging power of the cars (only one car is (nowadays)/ will be (in the future) being charged at the same time)

So for this I will need a charger from which the charging power can be controlled by means of a 0-10V input signal.

The chargers that we are using now have a maximum power of 2.3 kW (10 Amps at 230 V). Which is fine for us.

Does anyone know of a charger that I could build, using this 0-10V input signal for powercontrol?

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How about doing this with existing technology? OpenEVSE and OpenEnergyMonitor... 

OpenEVSE will already monitor and report consumption and track excess solar power setting the charge rate accordingly.

OpenEnergyMonitor Emonpi has 2 current measurement CTs. Place one on your grid input and the other on your solar output. OpenEVSE will report consumption to OpenEnergyMonitor every 30 seconds.

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