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AC and DC relays

I purchased the advanced kit and am building it as a three phase unit. I am using the existing 40A two pole relay with the existing 12v DC activation for same. I have purchased a second two pole relay to switch the other two phases. This has a 240V coil. Can I run it off the AC relay connection? In other words, are the AC and DC relay outputs both activated at the same time by the code? I assume I could alternatively drive the second relay from the 240V of the first relay.

Which is preferable?



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Hi Dave,

Both the AC and DC relay outputs are switched regardless of the relay type. The best solution would be a single 4 pole relay driven off the AC_Relay. The 2 relay solution should work, we would drive off AC_Relay as there would be a delay if you went off the output of the first relay.

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