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AC/DC Power Supply (Alternatives)

Is it possible to buy MPM-04D-12E power supply online somehow? Because micropowerdirect's site (and any other worldwide) doesn't cite any prices and wants me to leave an email for a quote, but I'm afraid my demand of 1 to 5 units will not interest them.

I tried to find Minmax ABF-04D125 but could not find seller with stock available at the moment.

I also found, that Delta's AA04D0512A or Traco Power TMPM 04225 would fit, but they seems to be a little bit expensive (18-20USD per unit).

Or maybe there is somewhere exists cheaper (chinese) alternative? :)

I live in Ukraine, but purchasing in US won't be an issue.

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Traco Power TMPM 04225 is end-of-life and no longer produced.

Their replacement, Traco Power TMLM 04225 has a different pin footprint, and does not fit the v5 board (AC inputs are in a different position that would require a substantially different board layout)

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