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Total Kwh counter

I am using P50A advanced charging station now for 7 days.charging my Chevy Bolt 60kwh battery approximately 50% a day (few days was even less,25-30% so it should be 30x7=210kwh total kw hours.Now it shows 556 this can be?

using it in L2.Even if I would charge full battery every day would be less...

after charging 50% of battery overnight it shows this morning 1014 kwh total....

There is a bug in the firmware. if you push the button to sleep/resume several times it will add the current session to the total each time.

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Thank you Christopher!

Is it ok if I never put it to sleep mode,always active?

is there any way I can reset total counter to 0?

I have the same issue with 4.8.0: 

The session counter doesn't clear when I reset the unit using the main button. Instead it just keeps adding it to the lifetime kWh counter instead :) The only way to clear the session counter is to reboot the unit or cycle the power on the upstream isolator. 

I would love to upgrade but I'm a bit stressed about using the dev branch in a live environment. Would rather wait until 4.8.1 or 4.9.0? is available.

Darius. under normal conditions it is never necessary to put the unit to sleep. Just plug in when you want to charge and unplug when you are done.

Marcus, the correct way to clear the session total is to unplug the vehicle. When the vehicle is unplugged the session is over and the session energy is added to the total.

Hi Chris, unfortunately it isn't working that way for me. 

To clarify: My home charger (also OpenEVSE but with an older firmware) works as you describe. The new one I have installed at my office (Firmware 4.8.0) refuses to clear the session counter. When the session is complete, unplugging the vehicle doesn't clear the counter. Neither does pushing the main button (this works on my older version as well as unplugging the car). The only way to clear the session and have it correctly add up in the lifetime counter is to power cycle or go into the menu and reboot. I've also ended up in a situation where my lifetime counter is now showing over 1000kWh even though I have only used it 5 times to charge my i3 (60ah, 22kWh) :)

to Marcus Richter 

same way my charger works.only can reset by going to full reset 

I didn’t see an answer to Darius P’s question about how to reset the Total Counter to 0. I would like to know how this can be done also please.

To reset the Lifetime Total Counter.

Wifi is the easiest method.

Log in to the WiFi interface.

Click System Tab.

Enable Developer Mode.

Click RAPI tab

Enter command $SK 0

Click Send.

Here is an online simulator if you want to check it out here.

There are two other alternatives. Use an OpenEVSE programmer to upgrade the firmware and wipe the memory or use a USB to Serial FTDI interface.

Use PuTTY or similar

Baud 115200

Open a serial session.

type  $SK 0

OpenEVSE should respond with $OK.

That is what I was looking for! Thanks.
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