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EVSE Won't Boot, Bel Fuses Blown; Upgrade?

 Hi.  After a weekend away, I returned to find my OpenEVSE still plugged in but "off."  Other than the occasional scrambled characters on the LCD, I've never had any issues.

T-shot to the Bel fuses, both open--I assume to be the result of whatever power problems my neighborhood had over the weekend.   (Power was lost at least once.)

In reviewing threads on the no-boot topic, it appears that most folks have a controller much newer than mine.  My kit was purchased June 2015.

Replacing the Bel fuses is about two bucks, or I can drop ninety bucks to replace the controller.  At first glance it's a no-brainer, but....

Are there any benefits to purchasing the latest controller?

I intend to jumper the fuses to ensure that everything else is OK, but I'm very interested in understanding the value of any enhancements that are in the latest rev. vs. the features in my older controller.

Many thanks.


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After jumping the fuses, the board still is unresponsive--i.e., there are no DC outputs present.

Looks like I'll need to order a new board.


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