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how to build a simulator for dc charger chademo

I would like to design a chademo charge simulator for electric vehicles. I do a  electronic carte to establish communication between the simulator and the chademo dc charger. But she can not communicate. I would like if anybody has an idea to help me advanced.I can evatually add precision if necessary.
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The transformer is determined to be the output of 12V DC, direct charging is also possible, but not reliable, 1) will be filled with discontent, 2) may cause power protection in the early stage of charging, depending on whether your 12V output power is switched or ordinary transformer, especially for lead-acid batteries, such batteries. Internal resistance is very small, even if only 0.5 differential pressure, circuit current is quite large, if you understand a little electronic knowledge, you might as well open the transformer, use the resistance shunt method to change the reference voltage to get more than 12V voltage output, and the output of a number of European power resistance, so you can be simple for the battery. Charge it.

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