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Testing EVSE without EV

How can i test my EVSE without connecting it to the EV? Can i connect the output of the contactor to a lamp load (without connecting these output terminals to J1772)  by leaving the control pilot and PP open ?

Control pilot must be working in order to test. You can simulate a vehicle by connecting an 880 Ohm resistor and a Diode in series from ground to Control Pilot. 

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Thank you for your reply sir...

Dear support, this post is the closest to what I intend to do. I am in the midst of my own EV conversion. I have a 24S battery pack, so I want to set the EVSE's output voltage to 100.8V. How do communicate to my EVSE to set the output voltage level via the control pilot wire? Thank you for your time.

Actually if I can not change the output voltage of the OpenEVSE device, I can increase my battery pack to match the output voltage of the OpenEVSE device. What is the output DC voltage when I supply it with 120V AC input voltage? What about when I supply it with 220V AC? Many thanks.
Sorry for my ignorance. After more research, I realized that the output of the OpenEVSE device is AC voltage. Is there an AC to DC device that you can recommend? Basically I am looking for a device to go between the OpenEVSE box and my battery pack. Thanks
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