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GFCI Fault test Error

I want to configure the charger using OpenEVSE_PLUS_v4.

I have a problem during the test.

The problem is that if the GFCI Fault test is performed, the trip is not tripped, and the entire circuit breaker in the room is tripped.

This charger was configured using OpenEVSE_PLUS_v4.

In addition, GFCI is enabled and GFCI self test is performed during OpenEVSE_PLUS_v4 boot.

I set-up 7 to guide the GFCI Fault trip test.

During charging, a 10 kOhm / 5 Watt resistor was added between the 220 VAC line and the GND line to allow 22 mA to flow.

However, the GFCI does not trip the fault, it is short, and the whole circuit breaker in the room is tripped.

Is this test method suitable?

Ask for advice on solutions. Please.

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It is likely your breaker also has RCD or GFCI functionality so your test will trip the breaker.

To test OpenEVSE GFCI.

Ensure GFCI Self Test is Enabled in the Menu

Power off your station.

Disconnect GFCI coil (4 pin).

Power up

You should get GFCI Self Test Failed.

Power off your station.

Reconnect GFCI coil (4 pin).

Power up

Your station should have no errors and should boot to "Ready"

This procedure proves the coil and circuit are working correctly.

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