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OpenEVSE Arduino Shield project with Type-2 Mennekes Plug and without using GFCI


Im an automotive engeering student and i have a project to make a EVSE  for the school, that charges with 3-phase and uses type-2 Mennekes plug. 

Im suppose to use these parts with the Arduino Uno:

Contactor: GE 666151, 4P, 40A, 415V~, Uc:230V

RCD: GE 693467, 4P, 40A, 240/415V~, 30mA

RCM (for 6 mA DC fault current detection): Phoenix Contact EV-RCM-C1-AC30-DC6

Type-2 Plug from Phoenix Contact

I was wondering can i build the arduino shield with these instructions:

and still use 3-phase charging and type-2 Mennekes plug.

If i can, what firmware you would suggest to be used, since i dont use LCD screen only LED. What kind of changes would i have to do to the program code that there would not be LCD screen, GFCI and it would use the electric lock of the type-2 socket to the plug?

What would be the differences with the wiring?

We do not recommend or support using the Arduino Shield. It does not have any of the required safety features and was intended for basic software development only.

Yeah i figured that out, that it wouldn't have required safety features. But the thing is that i would be the base for further hardware and software developement for other student projects. So it wouldn't be used constantly for ev charging, so it doesn't need to have all the safety features at the beginning, so it could be developed. For example we have at the school a custom made evse simulator with sauna stove that heatens when its "charging" ev. It's also made for further development.

A setup with the arduino shield should NEVER be used for actual charging of an EV. It was intended to see a maximum of 5v via a USB connection, for development of firmware only.

We would highly recommend starting your project from a much newer controller design with the appropriate safety features.

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