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OpenEVSE device on emoncms

 I'm playing around with setting up my own install of emoncms. It's working, but I don't have the OpenEVSE listed in the drop down list of devices; I only have AMIG, AMRM, EmonTH, Demonstration and smartmeter.

These appear to be json files located in "/emoncms/Modules/device/data", and obviously, I don't have one for OpenEVSE.

Should these be such a json file? If so, how where can I obtain it from? Or what should I be looking for / installing?

The automatic setup via devices is not required. Point OpenEVSE to local setup using your global API write key.

The Inputs will automatically show up and you can create feeds and dashboards from there.

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Thanks Christopher. I'll give that a go :)


OK, still struggling as it's not entirely clear.
"global API write key". What is this? Is this the write key listed under my account?
If I put that in, what do I then chose as a node?
I have tried using that key and selecting "0" as a node. But nothing happens.

On the guide using, it shows the api key from the Device screen, not the user account screen. It's from the Device screen you initialise to create the inputs.

I have created an account on and have managed to get it working following the guide, but that's using the "OpenEVSE" device type which isn't listed.

It seems a chicken and egg scenario.

Correct, if you use or a your own EmonCMS insistence on a emonpi then:

You will use the API Write key listed under your account.

0 is fine as a node. The example on github uses "openevse"

Server would be emonpi/emoncms or IP Address of your server

SSL Fingerprint should be blank.

Thanks Christopher.

OK, I tried that but without much luck .I'll have another look at it tomorrow.

If I don't need / use the Device bit on the server at all, then how are the feeds / inputs generated? Does the OpenEVSE WiFI module (with the API write key of the account) automatically create them?

Incidentally, I did also try using the OpenEVSE JSON file I uploaded to my server, then using the device key in the WiFi module, just like it's done on the server, but without any success either. Of course, I'll happily use the API write key alone if that's all that's needed.

For SSL, I have a certificate on the my server running SSL which I'd like to keep if possible. Should I remove that and remove the fingerprint?

I would leave the certificate on the server and remove the fingerprint on the client until you get it working. You can add the fingerprint later, remember to update it whenever the cert renews.

Inputs will automatically be created, OpenEVSE sends all the inputs and values every 30 seconds. To create feeds go to your inputs in EmonCMS click on the Wrench icon and then add any multipliers, conversions etc. then add the feed and name. There is a ton of resources. Guides, tutorials at .

Thanks, all working now. I might have been a little impatient in waiting for stuff to appear :)

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