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Can't get openevse to send data to emoncms

I've got OpenEVSE wifi connected to my Wifi AP. I configured it to use the following settings for energy monitoring:


Node: 1

write-apikey: <device key from>

On I created a device with:

Name: EVSE

Location: Garage

Node: 1

Type: OpenEVSE

After setting this up, I see that emoncms reports device updated "n/a", and that OpenEVSE Wifi Services page reports Connected: No.

I've also tried using the write API key from the opencms account page as well.

My account name is "divegeek" if that helps with troubleshooting.

Is the SSL Fingerprint blank in the EmonCMS section?

The current key is 8A:0A:5E:EF:29:03:3E:2F:C9:0F:D1:20:23:F0:15:C7:6E:23:F7:CE

If you wish to use encryption for your energy data this key will need to be updated every 90 days.

It was not. It wasn't clear to me where that value came from or whether it might not be correct.

Does the TLS stack in the wifi module lack the ability to validate certificate chains? I can see that it might not have a lot of storage for a large CA trust store, but wouldn't it be better to configure it with the expected root certificate so the site cert could change without service interruption?

If you could point me to the relevant code I'd be happy to take a look and see if I can fix this.

Thanks for the sharing such a useful material for me. Keep it up!

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