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Smoked OpenEVSE Board

Just touching base to see if anyone else has experienced this problem.

I came home the other day and plugged in my MS.  The OpenEVSE box popped along with the mains breaker to the box AND the mains breaker feeding the whole house (400 amp service).  The EVSE has been in service for four years now and has been flawless.  It almost felt like direct battery DC made it to the EVSE :0  In fact, the very small diameter wires (28ga) I used to connect the contactor out sense to the EVSE board fried and the whole EVSE board is black on the bottom.

Also, is there any way to order just the board or board kit as $250 seems a bit steep to address the issue?



Forgot to add that the $250 option of buying a board/display/current sense is for a 40a solution and my EVSE is set up for 80 amps.

Hi Bill,

Wow, that sound like quite the zap. We have not seem any cases like that.

The parts are available individually, I would suggest the main board and the GFCI coil with self test

Optionally, you may want to add the current measurement coil and WiFi.


Ordered!  Thank you; I missed the order just the board bit when I looked at the store the first time.

The firmware still allows selection of 80 amps via the display and push button, does it not?

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