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sleeping overrides menu commands

 I just purchased and built my second OpenEVSE unit with the Wifi and LCD screen, which has newer firmware (4.8.0) than my older unit (3.11.3). When I initially powered it on and attempted to go into the menu to set the settings, I was able to set the Service Level and had moved onto the Current setting when the unit somehow entered into sleeping mode (It was not plugged into my car yet) and the Sleeping countdown timer was overriding the menu that I was currently in.  When I tried to change menus, it would briefly flash the menu item then immediately change back to Sleeping. 

I had to power cycle the whole unit since I couldn't figure out how to get it out of sleeping mode and further adjust settings.  After I power-cycled, I waited a few minutes for it to boot, then was able to go through all the settings without incident.  Sounds like there's a bug in the logic flow during initial boot. 

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Thank you for the feedback. We have been able to reproduce your bug. You are correct, it you enter the menu before before the WiFi fully boots than the interface gets messed up. 

This issue may have been fixed in WiFi version 2.5.2, we will look into it further.

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