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Did my charger die ?

I've had my charger  for 6-7 months with no problems.  This morning I went out and my car had no charged, the breaker had tripped, but everything looks fine on inspection.  I flipped the breaker and it didn't trip but the charger won't boot.  It has power to the contactor switch and the fuses weren't blown. 

Help ! 

Can some one chime in ?  I am without a charger for my vehicle at this point, I believe the control board went bad . 

It sounds like whatever tripped the breaker took out the power supply. We will send you another controller under warranty.

Thank you ,  Is there anything I should be testing?  Would the controller going bad trip the breaker ?

Is there an order number or tracking number ? Or anything else I should test ?Would the controller going bad trip the breaker ?


From your first message it sounds like you already checked the fuses on the controller as you noted they are not blown. There really is not much else to check if the board has input power, fuses are good but nothing powers up it sounds like it is bad.

We do not think the board went bad and tripped the breaker, we believe whatever surge event caused the breaker to trip fried the board.

We will send you the tracking details via private message.

Thank you and I understand it's the holidays.  What wattage are the fuses ?

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