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Is the board grounded

Hi I'm am trying to repair a GE Wattstation. I've installed the openevse board and contactor. I plugged it in and I'm getting the " no ground" error. My ground connections are solid. My question is should the board be grounded to the case by the mounting screws? Mine is mounted on plastic standoffs. Would that make a difference?

Hi Chris, 

The current version of the board does not get ground through the screws. It gets ground from the 3 pin screw terminal, see the diagram below:

There are 3 things that can cause a false no ground warning when the service ground is known good.

1. The ground connection to the OpenEVSE board is not securely connected with the AC ground and the EV Ground.

2. The AC_Test lines are not securely connected to the EV (Load) side of the relay.

3. The relay is not closing properly.


Thank you for the quick response. The relay is not closing. I was hoping it was because of the no ground error. When I first assembled it, and plugged it in, the relay clicked. It hasn't operated since. If I turn off the ground check, the screen says it's charging, but shows 0 Amps. Also there is no voltage on the load side of the relay. Connecting 12v to the relay operates it. Not sure where to check next.

Ground is checked 1 second after the relay closes. With the test disabled the controller is assuming the relay has closed as commanded, which is not the case here.

If your relay is 12V... Your 12V Relay coil should connect to Relay 1/2 Common which is an always on +12v. The other end to either Relay 1 or Relay 2, these are 2 independent channels which switch in a ground to complete the circuit. If It is not working on Relay 1, give Relay 2 a try.

Thank you for your help. I was able to check my wiring g and fond I had the relay wire connected to relay 2 instead of the common. Now no ground error, and a working relay. Now when I plug it in the car, it acts like it's charging . It even says it's charging, but shows 0 Amps, and the car takes no charge. Since I'm getting 240 at the handle, I assume it's the pilot wire. I'll need to look at that when I get more time. Thanks again
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