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Packard C240C vs Sturthers and Dunn

Hey, I have an 1-2 year old P50D kit with the Packard version.  I see the new version I am building for my dad has a Struthers and Dunn.  Should I update the Packard one to the new version?  It's working fine.

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The Packard C240C is a Contractor actuated by a AC coil. It requires between 208 - 240v AC to operate. A station built with the Packard will only work at Level 2.

The Struthers and Dunn Relay is actuated with a 12v DC coil. The power comes from the supply on the controller which operates at 90 -264V. Stations built with this relay will operate at 120V Level 1 and 240v Level 2.

There is no reason to swap the Packard out unless you need Level 1 charging.

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