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Trying to understand the big picture of OpenEvse firmware

I'm finding myself confused by some comments in various discussion threads.  For example, in the thread at

I see from Chris:

> Yes, version 2.x of the WiFi firmware has many security enhancements.

Is there separate firmware that is the "EVSE firmware" and the "WiFi firmware", or does this just refer to new EVSE firmware that includes support for WiFi?

In the same thread, I also see

> So dont try to upload firmware through the web interface? Or is that for the main controller board?

> Correct. Version 2 requires both firmware and a file system. The web interface will only load the firmware.

This talk of "for the main controller board" makes me think that there are two pieces of firmware.  But then the comment about Version 2 (of the WiFi firmware, I presume) requiring both the firmware (requiring itself?) and a file system.

A file system?!  Where does this file system reside?

As you can see, I'm plenty confused.

Hi Eliot,

The EVSE controller has firmware that controls the charging station and all safety functions. WiFi has its own firmware that provide the user interface and communications. A charging station will work fine with or without WiFi.

Early builds of 2.0 WiFi firmware had the firmware itself and all the web interface files in a filesystem image. The latest builds have both integrated into a single WiFi firmware image.

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Thanks for the reply!
I found this:
I take it that's the firmware for just the WiFi?
Then I also find
I take it that's the main EVSE software, true?

Are there instructions for how to build and install the two components, or are we expected to figure that out for ourselves?  I can see the merit in making it a bit difficult; it would discourage some folks who would just immediately get themselves in trouble.  Like me.  :-)


The latest firmware for both products come pre-installed. For most users who want to upgrade we have compiled binaries for each in the "Releases" section in Github. WiFi can be flashed over the air by choosing the file in a browser and clicking upgrade. The OpenEVSE firmware release includes a .bat file that will automatically upgrade the firmware. Here is a guide for flashing pre-compiled firmware to OpenEVSE 

For developers who wish to build and compile from scratch there are notes in the GITHUB for PlatformIO and Arduino IDEs. Developers are expected to have some basic knowledge of the IDEs.

Thanks, this pretty much fits with my understanding.  I'm reading up on Arduinos and the IDE now.


Official Releases for OpenEVSE Firmware:

Official Releases for OpenEVSE WiFi:

The documentation for the LCD has a broken link for the zip file ( on this page.

I found the file is on github in the OpenEVSE_LDC+RTC section directory.

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