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wifi problems; resolved?

Yesterday I moved my new openEVSE w/wifi from the "computer room" to it's normal spot in the garage. I had been using / playing around with sending rapi commands and trying out the web i/f, and all seemed fine.


After moving it to the garage, I had seemingly random problems accessing the web i/f using a tablet. I would reset the unit and it would work for a brief time then would go back to getting "this page can not be loaded" or whatever the browser says.


I went down several wild goose chases (i put the wifi module in the fridge for awhile because i thought maybe it was too hot!?)(Or, thought it could be a wifi range/interference thing?).
I think i discovered the problem:


The computer in the "computer room" still had the web i/f page loaded. Once I closed that browser, everything seems to work as normal.


Is that possible/plausible/expected?


I knew throughout the whole episode that something else must be going on because even when it appeared to be non-responsive from my tablet's browser's perspective; the unit continued to ping, and send data to emoncom just fine.




I don't know much about programming these systems but was curious to see the web i/f source code.

The system tab reports my WiFi Firmware is Version: 2.3.0

Is this the source code that matches that?:

Yes your looking in the correct place. The latest versions should have fixed all stability issues. Recommend updating to the latest version (V2.5.0):

V2.4 on wards was a major update both stability and features. 

You can update by uploading via the web interface. 

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Great. The factory rest button resets the wifi gateway to factory settings. It will forget your WiFi network and all settings. It won't change any settings on the openevse controller. 

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Hardware factory reset has now been implemented in version V2.7.4

Thanks for helpful comments, I am updated to version V2.7.4 all good!

yes, as a matter of fact when i went to V2.4.0 a couple of weeks ago as far as i could tell all my stability problems went away. Thanks.

I'm still curious about what "Factory Reset" button actually does in the GUI interface, System Tab, Wi-fi firmware section... but I'm a little afraid to click on it :-)

haven't needed to try the hardware reset features yet, but i did update to the latest (i had been back several versions, like 2.5.4) and it's all working well. thx for the updates.

Is there any way to do a factory reset if the GUI is not available?  Pressing a combination of buttons on the board perhaps?  I seem to have fat-fingered the password when setting it and now I am locked out.  Short of reloading the firmware, which I don't want to do.  Thanks!

Hi Dan,

I'm afraid there isn't any way currently. You will need to reload the FW. I will look at adding a way to factory reset with a button press. Is it the HTTP password you have incorrectly set? If it's the WiFi password (PSK) then you could connect to the unit in AP mode to run factory reset. 

Can you connect in AP mode?

It's the HTTP password unfortunately.  The Wi-Fi module is on my network, has an IP, etc. I just cant change any settings since I can't log into the web GUI.  I'll have to reload the FW.

But yes, a way of factory resetting via one of the buttons (or a combo) would helpful :-)

Thanks for your help Glyn!

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