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Voltage in emoncms?

I saw it in a dashboard on this page:

... and would like to have voltage, too. What's needed to add it?


Yes, we have both in stock. I am currently working on the text and photos for the store.

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Thanks. The EmonTX that I ordered from across the pond arrived today.

It's an expensive way to get more accurate kWh for car charging, though I'm also going to monitor whole-house energy use and a couple individual circuits.

I've set up my EmonTX with ESP8266 and am trying to get it to connect. That device doesn't appear in the list. I tried EmonRH, but the inputs (unsurprisingly) don't match up. Any help would be appreciated.

Nevermind. I restarted everything and it's working.

Voltage can be brought in with and Open Energy Monitor EmonPi or EmonTX. We will have them in the OpenEVSE Store in a couple days.

Any progress on EmonPi and/or EmonTX in the OpenEVSE store Chris?  I am planning on adding solar in the next few months and I'd like to add the energy monitoring at that time.  Right now I am using a crude *250 scaler for my kWh accumulator in combination with the OpenEVSE Emoncms.  Does anyone know offhand what the scaling/voltage factor used in the OpenEVSE WiFi to report the kWh totals in the Energy This Session: and Total: columns are?


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