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Refuses to send data to Emoncms

Is there a recent guide I can follow to get the data reporting working?

This guide: references some device access key that I never saw while setting up my unit, seems like its necessary?

Also what is the proper server, the example says, but what about just I've seen that on screenshots of older versions.

And where do I find the latest stable versions of firmware?

The device key comes from the server side at , select "Setup" then "Devices Setup". Yours ends in b82e.

On your WiFi, if you have the newer firmware (looks a lot better than screenshots on guide) login to the WiFi module select the "Services" Tab and enter:



enter your key......b82e



The latest firmware is located at

Just bought two P50A's.  Installed one.  It charges my Bolt fine...  Can't get any WIFI data.

I don't understand the following from your post:

"On your WIFI... and enter:"

I'm running Windows 10.  How does one access the services tab for a WIFI network?  I figure this is some way to map the Windows WIFI network to data.openevse/emoncms.  I figure this occurs on the host PC and is not some activity that occurs on the EVSE device?

Tried just calling out input or feed tag "SSID:OpenEVSE_xxxxxxxx" or "OpenEVSE_xxxxxxx" on the emoncms web interface but nothing connects. 

Windows task bar WIFI widget says I'm connected to OpenEVSE_xxxxxxx.  But if I access Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and select properties, I don't see a server tab...  Is the WIFI properties not the area to perform this setup?


Some sort of architectural diagram would be helpful.  Maybe if I can figure out how all this works, I'll draw one and post it...  For example, must the host PC run continuously and poll the EVSE's for current state, or can the host PC connect (say) daily to upload the day's activity?

Will power up my second (of a planned 6) EVSEs next Tuesday -- hope to be able to connect to and control all 6.  Two sets of three each will share a 50 A circuit -- hope to write a controller to allow a time share of the circuit -- if 3 cars connect at 7 pm, each will get two 2 h full power charge slices over the next 12 h, slicing till cars are disconnected or stop charging.) 

(105 KB)

Oh, "On your WIFI..." means open browser to

That works.  Is there a prefered browser for Win 10?  MS seems to hang less than Chrome.

Still, no connection to emoncms yet....

Connect to network OpenEVSE_xxxxx using password openevse

Use browser (I prefer chrome) and open

enter the select the SSID and password for your WiFi network.

OpenEVSE will connect to your WiFi network the new IP address will display on the screen.

Reconnect your laptop to your WiFi network.

Use browser (I prefer chrome) and open http://new IP address

click on services tab


enter node 0 (the OpenEVSE_xxxx is not valid)

device key *********************cf9af (beginning masked for security enter the full unmasked key)

The PC is only used for setup. the WiFi interface handles all communications once configured.

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