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Packaging of these kits needs some work


Received my kit today. Was pretty excited to unpack everything but then little screws started dropping from the box with the kit. One of the baggies did not seal (and can not be sealed due to a defect I guess) but whoever put these together didn't notice. The baggie with the LCD cover glass was open on one side perhaps because the thermo seal did not take? Don't know what is supposed to be in there but two metal standoffs does not seem to be the right number. I suppose the damage would be limited to just metal parts rattling around as the box gets tossed left and right by Fedex but the enclosure lid was no longer on and this allowed parts to escape. The cardboard box also was not sealed properly.

Come on now. This isn't a cheap kit. I spent about $450. Please package the parts properly. Sticking a heavy contactor in the same box as the PCB and LCD is a bit questionable but OK. The bubble wrap probably protects it when the box gets lovingly dropped on the floor during trans continental shipping. Small metal pieces need to be packaged such that they do not start rattling around. Several of the baggies have lots of little pin holes because they got crushed with the contents.

I hope I have everything but please secure the hardware better. Verify the baggies are closed. Close the enclosure. Tape all the seams on the cardboard box around the enclosure. It had seams big enough to loose those screws.



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