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A bit confused about the different kits



I'm not quite following the naming convention of your products. The name "Model P50A "Advanced" - 40A Charging Station Powered by OpenEVSE" has both 50A and 40A in it. That is confusing. Which one is the max charge rate? Then there are advanced and ultimate bundles and then an extra 'deluxe' thrown in and it's hard to figure out what is included with each. When I take a 40A Level 1/2 kit and add a J cable I end up less expensive than a deluxe bundle that includes the J cable. What am I missing when I get the less expensive option? Current handling capacity?

I think a simple version matrix would be a nice addition to your site somewhere. Something based on a datasheet but then with all the models in separate columns. The names of your products are all over the place. Maybe ask someone with a little experience in these matters to straighten it out for you? Just give them names or numbers and leave out the superlatives would be my recommendation. Then group them together in the store and make the differences really clear.

Sorry to complain about this but I would like to support this project. The cost is very close to a commercial unit especially when considering I'll spend a few hours assembling so I need to feel certain I'm buying what I need. Right now it's just confusing.



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Hi Sander,

I am sorry for the confusion. I will see if we can clean up a bit.

All of the charging stations are designed for a 50A circuit. The National Electric Code requires continuous loads (EV charging is continuous) to use a maximum of 80% or the circuit. This means the maximum charge rate on all options is 40A. 

The prices are about the same, piece by piece or bundle. The Ultimate bundle includes the kit, J cable, Input Cable and holster. If you add the items the difference is $0.50.

You are correct, the cost is similar to commercial units, however OpenEVSE is much more than a appliance like most products on the market. It gets better with time due to open firmware and upgrades and has features not available anywhere else like adjustable current, kwh display, session options and internal temperature monitoring.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding. Good to know prices are about the same and that the charging capacity is the same as well. I know about the 80% rule but still recommend not using Ampere ratings in the naming. Or at least just pick one of the ratings and leave it that :)

I thought about this a little more after posting and my recommendation is to have stacked kits, all without cables:

- Kit 1 : base model with the fewest options
- Kit 2 : Kit 1 + certain options
- Kit 3 : Kit 2 + certain options

And so on. As the project evolves the kit contents may change but I recommend keeping this kit hierarchy. Instead of Kit 1 you could of course use other names but I would not use current capacity. You could use words like Basic, Deluxe and Supreme or 100, 200, 300 etc. as long as you stack the kits (this kit is that kit plus these bits).

Then each kit would have an assembly option where you can charge more for the more complex kit (seems reasonable). This way it is clear without confusion how much you are saving by doing assembly yourself besides of course the fun and educational experience.

Input and output cables of various lengths are sold separately and also include an install option (only makes sense when you buy kit assembly of course).

Just a thought on how to simplify things. I don't know all the parts well enough yet to propose kits for you but you probably have someone in mind who could.

Thanks for running this great project and taking my comments in stride!



Not everyone knows about the 80% rule. We have tried using just the 50A and just 40A, either way there is a lot of confusion. When we used just 50A then we get complaints that the kit is really a 40A station and we are exaggerating/misleading the capabilities, in addition some users set the current to 50A (not knowing about the 80% rule) which is well over the rating of the cable. When we advertise just 40A, many users put in a 40A breaker/wiring and have issues tripping the breaker, they are mad when they have to reduce the current to 32A. This is why we say designed for a 50A circuit, 40A continuous and the datasheet lists breaker/current settings for all common breaker sizes. Using both has been the best as it is the most accurate and honest description.

Your suggestion is essentially what is in place now.

Options for Level 1 & 2 Kit.

Deluxe Kit

Deluxe Kit plus Cable

Deluxe Kit plus Cable plus Holster Plus Input Cable (Ultimate Bundle)

Deluxe Kit plus Cable plus Holster Plus Input Cable Assembled (Advanced Station)

Options for Level 2 only

Deluxe Kit

Deluxe Kit plus Cable

Deluxe Kit plus Cable plus Holster Plus Input Cable (Ultimute Bundle)

Deluxe Kit plus Cable plus Holster Plus Input Cable Assembled (Standard Station)

 Thanks for explaining the current kit hierarchy for me I can now order what I need/want.

No problem, we appreciate the feedback. We have been working on cleaning up all morning, hopefully we can improve the pages so it does not need explanation.. Here are a few of the changes:

titles are now more consistent 

placement on the main page follows more logical progression 

cleaned up "Required items" for kit to match Ultimate Bundle

grouped Kits in collections so recommendations on bottom shows required items. 

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