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OpenEVSE P50A vs Juicebox Pro 40

 I will be purchasing an EVSE in the next month or 2 and am torn between the P50A and the Juicebox Pro 40. Both seem to be priced similarly.

What makes one better than the other?

I have not been able to find too much info about the OpenEVSE web interface and wonder how user friendly it is?

Any opinions would be appreciated.

The biggest difference is OpenEVSE has a web interface AND a push button/LCD so settings (like current or timers) can be changed with or without a Smartphone/web interface. 

OpenEVSE also uses open platforms and protocols like Open Energy Monitor EmonCMS so you can chose to send data to OpenEVSE, Open Energy Monitor or keep it on your own network with an EmonPi (Raspberry Pi running a local copy of EmonCMS). Neither OpenEVSE nor OpenEnergy Monitor sells your usage data to utilities. Other manufactures offer rebates but you must sell your soul, lots of data is collected and sold to utilities read "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policies". Its not worth the $50...

The OpenEVSE source code is open and published at Github so OpenEVSE can be customized however you like.

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Here are a couple images of the OpenEVSE web interface.

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