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Compiling OpenEVSE firmware

I’m trying to compile a version of the OpenEVSE firmware with the max charging current values changed. I’m running the current release of Window 10 so I installed the driver from that Daniel mentioned in his comment on the guide about how to load the OpenEVSE Firmware. Windows 10 no longer works with unsigned drivers even if signing is temporarily turned off during install.

I installed the Arduino IDE from the Windows Store and loaded up the current firmware by opening the open_evse.ino file. I found the lines in open_evse.h with the max and min current settings and changed them. With the IDE set to “Arduino/Genuino Uno” I compiled and exported the binary and got two files: open_evse.ino.standard.hex and open_evse.ino.with_bootloader.standard.hex. Which one do I use and do I need to rename it to open_evse.hex and put it and eeprom_24.bin in with flash.bat to flash the firmware? The IDE doesn’t see the USBasp programmer, only COM1 which doesn’t seem to be linked to the USB port. I did install WinAVR and was able to successfully reflash the default firmware so I know the hardware is working ok. The last things I compiled was FORTRAN on a VAX 1170 in the ‘80s and some Pascal code in the early ‘90s. I'm a little reluctant to just try to flash it with one of the files as I don't want to brick anything.

Any suggestions? Should I just try the desktop Windows version of the Arduino IDE?

Also, I would like the step size of the current selection to always be 1A but I couldn’t find where in the code this is set. Any help finding it is much appreciated.

David D. Nelson

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