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device initialized, but seeing no data on the inputs page on

I went through all the steps to initialize my EVSE.

I'm seeing recent data on the Device Setup page (always under like 20seconds), but the Inputs page show Updated as n/a and Value as NaN.

Doing a tcpdump, I'm getting an 'Error: Device not initialized.' back from my http gets.

The device key I'm sending (0fab933d4ab0906c02f1417daee1be5b) matches what it should be. 

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Rob,

It looks like the Node did not match on the Server it was set to "OpenEVSE1" and the client was set to "0". I changed the server to match and now data is coming in.


D'oh!  I was wondering what the nodeid matched up to.

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